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At the start of 2017, a project called Transmission began its development as a subunit of a complex project that focused on creating a traditional crowdinvesting platform, the purpose of which was assisting investors in finding business-projects with various levels of profit. The platform’s main feature was the opportunity for individuals to invest into perspective startups via cryptocurrencies without the need for certain analytical skills. For the purpose of minimizing costs on international money transfers, making settlements between market participants more convenient and increasing the efficiency of a project’s returns, a decision was made to develop a cryptocurrency exchange platform that would be called “Transmission.”

We carried out a detailed analysis of the cryptocurrency market within the framework of this project, developed the project’s concept that took into account all the aspects of the current financial market trends, created a demo version of the platform and even performed our first test transactions. To manufacture the most efficient system for exchanging data on transfers and transactions between market participants, all currently known stock and cryptocurrency exchanges were tested for half a year, a detailed analysis of the money transfer market was conducted, dozens of meetings with potential investors and players were held all around the world, their requests were taken into account and the more interesting solutions were implemented into the project. By the middle of 2017, Transmission attracted much interest, both from independent investors and from the world’s crypto-community. However, the company’s board of directors decided to freeze the project as there were no available funds for its realization. Despite the decision of the board, Mike Gorden, who was the director of the development department at that time, decided not to abandon the project and in September 2017 he launched a campaign to raise necessary funds for the project to develop further. The results exceeded all expectations: its ICO raised 3 times the amount initially expected. In this way, “Transmission” ceased to be merely a subunit and was transformed into an independent project.

However, due to conflict of interest; and lack of development from Board of Directors, in June 2018, Mike Gorden has created a new company called MultiVision with a remodified concept that was upgraded with the latest technologies. During the first board meeting, it was decided that the new phase of the project is to be launched in full, which involves creating a platform that allows performing transactions between countries at minimum cost, negotiating with services and goods suppliers, converting cryptocurrency into national currencies and back, creating investment portfolios from perspective assets outside of exchanges, keeping records of all transactions – and all this within a single account. Additionally, steps have will be been taken towards developing an appropriate mobile application.